Had enough of annoyingly vague “About” bios?

It’s enough to make your head spin.  

That’s what happens after you read the SAME boring “elevator spiel”… 

Highlighting the SAME boring corporate buzz words and SAME boring cliches.  

By the time you’ve read a bio, you’ve already forgotten it.  Every self-absorbed, meaningless word vaporized from your mind.  Because the overall content lacked value. 

Erika is a B2B Implementer who knows how to give value.  She not only motivates professionals, she equips them with digital marketing strategies that are fresh and never frozen.  

Cutting through the fluff typical from a corporate marketing department, here’s what you NEED to KNOW:

Erika builds lethal Enterprise B2B LinkedIn Strategies. She focuses on scaling your company, so that it will dominate your market. 

If there is anything that Erika understands in ways that befuddle corporate marketing departments playing golf on the back 9 with Status Quo, it’s this:  

NOT capitalizing on LinkedIn means you ARE destroying your business. 

You just don’t know it, yet.

Your marketing departments don’t know it and will find out long after you do.

And, that should be a scary thought for you.

Erika empathizes with you being vulnerable and unaware of the Digital War.  It’s why her passion is coaching C-Suite Executives & Entrepreneurs how to scale their businesses exponentially in the midst of it. Weaponizing social media platforms to optimize B2B branding and lead generation is critical. She teaches anyone with a “Take-No-Prisoners” mindset how to crush B2B Social Media and dominate the marketplace. 

It’s hard to find a person with more experience than Erika at building LinkedIn lead generation systems. She is well-versed in the 14-Step Crushing B2B System, built on the DMAIC process, used in both the CB2B FasTrack Group Coaching and the CB2B Enterprise Coaching Systems.

Additionally, Erika has worked specifically with major companies like BMW, AutoNation, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, and numerous tech startups just to name a few. 

Professionally, she has spent her time in:

  • The competitive world of sales and customer satisfaction focusing solely on landing clients through consistent lead generation via inside sales, B2B, and wickedly creative content and digital marketing campaigns; 
  • Radio and TV as a trusted on-air personality with a strong command of interpersonal communication and the art of persuasion; as well as 
  • Entrepreneurship with an emphasis on persuasive messaging, team-building, motivational empowerment, and leadership development within others. 

In every industry, Erika’s efforts have crushed records and increased sales over 100% in some cases, and broken copywriting controls by 5x to 10x.

All of this makes working with Erika more profitable for you and, frankly, just plain fun. 

By the way, “it ain’t braggin’ if it’s true”. 

Erika is also a classical musician with firearms training; a former trusted On-Air Personality; and a recreational Ballroom, Latin, & Argentine Tango dancer, bypassing beginner’s classes in some cases, just because she thought…

“Girl, please. You ain’t got time to play.” 

Know this when it comes to implementing a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy: 

You, too, ain’t got time to play. 

Not all businesses fit the profile to drive leads from the LI platform.  Take THIS QUIZ to see if your B2B business is a fit for a LinkedIn B2B Digital Strategy.  

Then, be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn