How to Create Value that Sells

In the interest of full disclosure, unlike Craig Wasilchak…  I’m not anywhere close to being a native Texan.

I’m worse… I’m a dyed-in-the-Naugahyde adopted Texan and loving every minute of it.

So much so, that I enjoy regaling non-Texans about the famed Nauga Ranches of Texas.  

No such thing, but it’s really fun pulling their legs.  Inevitably, I do have to tell them that Naugas don’t exist.

Ironically, the straight talk is I can’t even say that I got to Texas as fast as I could.

For a long time, I was a closeted Texas transplant (like so many); literally dragged here kicking and screaming in my youthful ignorance.

In my case, I was a military contractor’s brat all through my childhood and some of adolescence.  I had lived internationally in places that boggle the senses even now.  Travel was my lifeblood.

Eventually, my parents settled in Texas. I was thoroughly disgusted.  How could this be happening?  I was the rock-star globetrotter… and then – Texas.

Thankfully, I was wrong. Texas ended up being where I embraced my brazen rebel, creative in-your-face artist, and my inner entrepreneur.

How so?

Because Texans are anything BUT Status Quo.

Turned out, I fit in perfectly. I had been bucking the status quo since… well, since birth.  No lie.  I was a discount Christmas baby. 

The obstetrician gave my parents $100 off my delivery (being I was already 2 days late)… IF they would allow him to induce labor. 

He didn’t want to miss golfing over Christmas in Palm Springs, dontcha’ know?

Of course, my parents jumped all over that bargain.

So… I’ve been shaking up the Status Quo since birth.  You’ll NEVER find me on the back 9 playing golf with Status Quo.

And, I can now drive a hard bargain given my auspicious start.  That’s been kind of helpful in sales, marketing, and coaching C-Suites Executives and Entrepreneurs how to level up digitally. 

In retrospect, my folks should have made the good doctor negotiate against himself:

“Is that the best discount you can offer? How badly do you REALLY need to make your tee time?”

If your kid will be known as the “Blue-Light Special” in the family, then get the best deal you can, right?!

I digress.

NOBODY, however, let me in on the big secret upon my arrival to the public school system:

“You’ll become hyper-acquainted with Status Quo.  It will slap you in the face.  

You’ll be teased and bullied mercilessly NOT for being just ANY new kid.  

You’ll be teased and bullied mercilessly for looking like you’re from another planet.

Will you be cowed by Status Quo, or kick it to the curb?”

All my years of being self-reliant, tooling around other countries by myself, and becoming shockingly street-smart…

Were now coming in VERY handy as an outlier.  Learning how to pummel what was considered <NORMAL / SAFE / The-Way-It’s-Always-Been-Done / STATUS QUO> became my passion.  Innovation and strategy became my new best friends.

Creating value for anti-establishment folks like myself was the cherry on top.

And, I created value time and time again.

I created value throughout my academic career as a classical musician and historian.  I loved coaching and teaching musicians (some of whom were not much younger than myself) to total success.  I lived for seeing them achieve their goals and dreams.

To this day, I still believe there is enough success for everyone.  Wouldn’t it be great if THAT was a global realization?

I created value throughout my professional career prior to CrushingB2B with major companies like BMW, AutoNation, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, and numerous tech startups just to name a few. 

Professionally, not only was I performing the critical functions of each position, but I was also a success coach to others.  Didn’t matter if they directly reported to me or not.  I was about creating value for all.  And, I did that in differing industries such as:

  • The competitive world of sales and customer satisfaction focusing solely on landing clients through consistent lead generation via inside sales, B2B, and wickedly creative content and digital marketing campaigns; 
  • Radio and TV as a trusted on-air personality with a strong command of interpersonal communication and the art of persuasion; as well as 
  • Entrepreneurship with an emphasis on persuasive messaging, team-building, motivational empowerment, and leadership development within others. 

In every industry, my buck-the-system focus has crushed records and increased sales over 100% in some cases, and broken copywriting controls by 5x to 10x.

Now that I’m with Crushing B2B Digital Strategies

I’m still anti-establishment, and that’s a killer proposition for you. I build lethal Enterprise B2B LinkedIn Strategies. I focus on scaling your company, so that it will dominate your market. 

I empathize with you being unaware of the Digital War on LinkedIn.  It’s why my passion is coaching C-Suite Executives & Entrepreneurs how to scale their businesses exponentially in the midst of it. Weaponizing social media platforms to optimize B2B branding and lead generation is critical. I teach anyone with a “Take-No-Prisoners” mindset how to crush B2B Social Media and dominate the marketplace. 

It’s hard to find a person with more experience than me at building LinkedIn lead generation systems. I am well-versed in the 14-Step Crushing B2B System, built on the DMAIC process, used in both the CB2B FasTrack Group Coaching and the CB2B Enterprise Coaching Systems.

Not all businesses, though, fit the profile to drive leads from the LI platform.  Take THIS QUIZ to see if your B2B business is a fit for a LinkedIn B2B Digital Strategy.  

Then, be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn.