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Some sales experts will tell you that making sales is all about the chase. The thrill and hustle of the hunt. They’ll also tell you that you need to constantly chase prospects, quotas and the next deal. The thing they say most is you have to do all these things to stay ahead of your competition.

They’re not wrong, but they’ll also not entirely right either. See you do have to focus on the hustle and quotas all the time. However, you need to focus on your credibility and relationship-building more than anything else. Salespeople tend to focus too much on making the sale at all cost. Doing that can harm you because you only have one reputation.

75% of B2B buyers have used social media including LinkedIn to research vendors.


Don’t forget the social in SMM

In today’s social media world, it’s even more important to be mindful of your reputation due to how news spreads. It’s so important to focus on how you treat people and portray yourself that we can’t stress it enough. 

Social media marketing is all about putting out the right info to make a strong first impression. It’s also equally important to focus on social more than marketing.

When it comes to digital sales strategy, social selling sales skills are more important than digital ones. Being social is key because you need to make connections to build your brand and reputation. You can’t stay on the tips of your prospects tongues if they don’t know who you are or like you. 

Our implementors will teach you everything that you need to know about social media marketing. We’ll help you build your social networks, so you can start to make more sales. We can help you master selling with LinkedIn, selling through video storytelling, and selling on other social media platforms.

The 14 Step Crushing B2B Digital Strategy System will help so you and your team can be the digital marketing experts you need.

Today’s business buyers are increasingly self-directed: 60% prefer not to interact with a sales rep as the primary source of information; 68% prefer to research on their own, online; and 62% say they can now develop selection criteria or finalize a vendor list — based solely on digital content.



Selling with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best social media site for B2B sales due to the over 630 million professionals using it. It’s also hard to stand out with the fierce amount of competition on there. The ability to stand out on LinkedIn is important because it can change your business completely. Our training program is here so you can start getting the ROI you want from LinkedIn. We have programs for individual business owners as well as larger sales teams. Take action today so you can make more sales tomorrow.

Selling With LinkedIn

Selling with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a LinkedIn tool that provides a lot of value due to how it taps into all their data. It’s a tool that can help you find the right prospects in your network so you can target them directly. If you want to know more about your business avatars then you should be using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You should also be using it correctly and we can help you do that.

Selling with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
selling your products with videos

Selling with Video

A lot of people really don’t like to be on camera any more than they like public speaking. However, LinkedIn video is so crucial to making a personal connection with your network we can’t stress it enough. There is no need to be a top actor or director to make a great LinkedIn video. You just have to know your voice and be authentic with the stories you tell. Our team of implementors can teach you the skills and techniques to be dynamic and persuasive in your videos.

Selling with video