Selling with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn offers a lot of free ways to build your brand and generate sales for your business. They also have the LinkedIn Sales Navigator (LSN) for the businesses that want all the data and help they can get. Our team of implementors has experience helping many different types of business generate sales producing leads with LSN. We have also been successfully using the LSN on our own businesses.

Anyone that has been in B2B sales knows the hardest part is often just getting your foot in the door. The LSN with our training is worth the investment because it gives you the insight to open doors a little wider.

Know more with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Our LinkedIn sales implementors will help you use LSN effectively. They’ll also help integrate the LSN into your CRMs. This will give your sales team greater insights and tools to build their sales pipeline. The implementors will also show your sales team how to use LSN to target your business avatars.

Provide your sales team more power

Progress happens when you combine our 14 Step Crushing B2B Digital Strategy System with LSN. Our implementors will take your sales team to the next level at a pace they can live with while producing results that you can live with. Our team doesn’t just focus on the numbers because we all also focus on teaching:

  • Social Mindset: We will teach your team how to sell using social media and storytelling that matters.
  • Brand Development: Everything that happens on social media effects your branding, so we focus on brand awareness.
  • Find and Engage: We use LSN to help find your business avatars so your team can engage them socially.
  • Connect: Connecting with the right people is one thing. Really connecting with the right people is another thing altogether so we teach relationship-building through social media.
  • Schedule: Developing a daily habit of digital prospecting and content delivery is crucial to success so we help your team plan their social media schedule.

The implementors of our LSN training apply our systems to their virtual training with your team. We will have video conferencing with your team, so they’ll have the ability to ask questions and get support on a regular basis.

What’s included in Selling with LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

We apply our Crushing B2B Digital Strategy System and proven sales processes to this training. This training is available for individuals and sales teams.


Selling with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best social media site for B2B sales due to the over 630 million professionals using it. It’s also hard to stand out with the fierce amount of competition on there. The ability to stand out on LinkedIn is important because it can change your business completely. Our training program is here so you can start getting the ROI you want from LinkedIn. We have programs for individual business owners as well as larger sales teams. Take action today so you can make more sales tomorrow.

Selling With LinkedIn
selling your products with videos

Selling with Video

A lot of people really don’t like to be on camera any more than they like public speaking. However, LinkedIn video is so crucial to making a personal connection with your network we can’t stress it enough. There is no need to be a top actor or director to make a great LinkedIn video. You just have to know your voice and be authentic with the stories you tell. Our team of implementors can teach you the skills and techniques to be dynamic and persuasive in your videos.

Selling with video