Help Your Sales Team Generate More Real Leads With LinkedIn Team Makeovers

If you want to help your sales team generate more real leads through LinkedIn then you need to make sure their profiles are on point. You also have to make sure that their activity and articles are good. Our Linked team makeovers will help your team do better with selling on LinkedIn.

Get a LinkedIn profile makeover for your entire sales team.

Most business leaders know they need to stand out on LinkedIn to get the most leads possible. However, they also don’t take the time to review their rep’s LinkedIn profiles and activity. If you take the time to review your rep’s profiles, chances are good that you will see they’re not very good. Most people don’t optimize their LinkedIn profiles correctly. It’s common to see many things missing, incorrect or just downright terrible.

Are your rep’s writing and using their LinkedIn profiles to sell your products and services? Are their profiles written more like an online resume? It’s absolutely crucial to your success and theirs that their LinkedIn profiles are built to sell. Therefore, the first thing you need to do right now is taking a moment to look at their profiles. You may not be an expert at LinkedIn profiles, but you will probably see things missing in their title, contact info and about me section.  You’re also going to see most of them don’t have all 50 skills laid out in a way to feed the search engines with info that will help your business avatars find your business.

You need your team to have a strong LinkedIn presence if you’re planning on crushing B2B sales, so don’t waste time. Time is money, so take the time to fix these issues today. We can make any sales team look reputable and qualified to earn the business your competition is getting on LinkedIn.

Sales Funnels for business

Why Crushing B2B works better

There is a chance that you went through some LinkedIn courses or hired some trainers. If you’re reading this far into it, then chances are also good that you know that didn’t help.

Your sales team is probably really good at closing the deal if you get them leads, so let us help you do that. Most salespeople are too busy or unskilled to effectively write persuasive LinkedIn content that showcases them and your company in the right light. Most marketing and HR teams also lack the right skills to accomplish what you need done. In order to succeed with your LinkedIn marketing efforts, you need to hire the experts. We are those experts.

Our team excels at writing content for a LinkedIn profile that appeals to your business avatar. They also excel at engaging and making friends, so get us to help address your lead generation issues today!

62% of decision makers look for an informative LinkedIn profile from sales reps they’re considering. LinkedIn 2018 State of Sales Report

We can help your team attract more business avatars

At Crushing B2B, we are our name by making any sales team appeal to modern buyers. We also do a really good job of expanding professional networks and social media audiences. Our team LinkedIn content writers have written thousands of profiles to make them into lead generation machines. We know how to attract business avatars because we know how to build credibility in the eyes of buyers.

If your sales teams doesn’t appear to take their LinkedIn profiles seriously don’t expect buyers to take them seriously. Get serious with your sales teams’ image on LinkedIn so you can start crushing B2B sales.

You can expect more leads, improvement in morale, and most importantly more sales with happy customers.

We deliver all this by applying the 14 Step Crushing B2B Digital Strategy System to each profile for your sales team. Our content writing team and implementors also require a bare minimum amount of time from your sales team to make this happen. Therefore, your sales will improve their results without taking away from their day-to-day task. We also leave room for edits allowing your team to go back to add their own personal touch.

LinkedIn Team Makeovers in Action

Wondering what to expect when you work with us?

We use a highly collaborative process that requires participation from your marketing team and sales leadership. We get to know your business, assemble the content assets we need to represent your company at its best, and offer the support and training your team needs to transform their LinkedIn profiles and increase qualified sales conversations. The LinkedIn team makeovers process is divided into two key phases.

Step 1: Setting the Stage

Our first step is interviewing your marketing and sales team to help us understand your company’s vision. It’s also important for us to know what message you’re currently sending out to your business avatars. Getting familiar with your current sales processes will show us where there is room for improvement.

Once we know where your marketing plan is at currently, we begin the process of the LinkedIn makeovers. We will go over everything that needs to happen with your sales and marketing teams including:

  • Creating custom-branded banner images
  • Making SEO friendly and customer-centric headlines
  • Optimizing profiles with the right keywords that your business avatars are searching for.
  • Updating their roles within the company to show your business avatars their expertise and how they’ll help solve issues.
  • Complete the contact information and drop website links in the right spots
  • Build your LinkedIn company page
  • Include relevant multi-media links including video
  • Show the sales team where to add their personal touches
  • Review everything once their done adding their personal flair

Step 2: Training your salesforce

Your implementor will custom-make and deliver a training session to your sales team, so they can reference it anytime. The implementor will also teach your sales reps how to transform their profiles into lead generation machines. Group coaching will be available on an on-going basis, so new members get up to speed quickly. The coaching is also great for older sales reps to stay on point as well.

The whole process is fun and the implementors will make sure your team feels good about the changes they’re facing.  Your implementor verifies all the profiles belonging to your team has the right content during this phase. You can expect regular reports on activity and your sales teams’ profiles. 

Are you ready to empower your team and increase your sales pipeline?

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