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Learn How To Win On LinkedIn In The Digital Sales And Marketing Revolution

Sales and marketing teams around the world have a reputation for not always being on the same page. However, when it comes to marketing on LinkedIn, your sales and marketing teams should work together like peanut butter and jelly. In fact, everyone in your organization should be working to help the sales and marketing teams generate leads for your business on LinkedIn.

80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, so it’s important from everyone from the CXO down to have an active presence on the platform.  It’s also more important than ever for everyone to work together due to the shopping skills of the modern buyer. The CXO and sales managers need to lead by example here for several reasons.

The CXO and leadership teams tend to naturally get more attention on LinkedIn so their profiles and activity set the tone. Leaders that have a strong presence and profile on LinkedIn can make it easier for their sales and marketing teams to make connections. Their profiles can also drive traffic to their company pages, content, and websites.

Relationship building leads to buyers

The modern buyer has more tools than ever before to conduct pre-shopping research and comparisons. Data shows that the typical buyer consumes 7 to 10 pieces of content before making their choice.  Therefore, trying to sell or market to the modern buyer using yesterday’s tactics will make success hard to find. Sellers that use great social media content, consumer reviews, and search engine marketing, are more likely to succeed. Consumers want to see high-quality photos and videos of products or services being done so they know what to expect.

The modern buyer doesn’t want to be sold anything. They want to know that they made the best buying decision and got a good deal. Knowing that you got a good deal while also helping a friend feels like a win-win with most people. Therefore, the sellers that also learn how to create relationships with their business avatars are most likely to succeed.

Social media networking sites like LinkedIn make professional relationship-building and social selling a lot easier. That is why 80% of B2B lead generation is happening on LinkedIn.

What does social selling mean?

Social selling is the art of using social media to develop a relationship with buyers so you’re the first person or brand they think of when they’re ready to buy. Using social media to find, connect with, understand, and nurture sales prospects can lead to serious longterm results.

The term “Social Selling” is becoming more popular all the time because so many people are finding success with social media marketing.

If you’re on social media and you’re offering a product or service then you are already doing some social selling.  However, it’s also important to understand that bombarding your social media connections with unsolicited offers is not social selling. That is SPAM. Don’t do that.

Social selling is not just gaining access to new contacts and liking everything they post. It’s about building a real relationship with people and listening for the right moment to offer your products or services. If you’re building the right relationships in the right ways then sales opportunities tend to find you. The main goal of social media marketing is to make your prospects’ lives easier rather than becoming another irritant to unfollow.

Our role is to help refine your approach so you get more results out of your efforts. We teach sales teams how to create relationships and create real opportunities to generate sales leads.

Crushing B2B teaching sales techniques on LinkedIn

Our CEO, Craig Wasilchak, was able to grow his previous business and sell it due to his success with digital marketing. Craig is a proud member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) in Fort Worth. So many other EO members were asking about Craig’s online marketing success that he created the 14-step Crushing B2B Digital Strategy System. This strategy system is also FREE to use.


Today, the Crushing B2B team teaches other business owners and sales teams on how to increase sales from LinkedIn and other digital marketing channels. The Crushing B2B team teaches sales reps on how to engage buyers in a personal way that provides value and offers a clear call-to-action. Using the Crushing B2B methods will help your Selling with LinkedIn. It will also help with selling through search engines and other major social media platforms.

Check out the Fast Track Group Coaching System for smaller businesses with annual sales of $500,000 – $2,500,000.

Sales training from B2B sales industry leaders

The average Fortune 5000 deal has nearly 7 decision-makers involved in the buying process. Social media enables savvy sales professionals to engage each of those decisions-makers one-to-one to build trust, credibility, and likeability.

This is why the ability to build relationships through social media in our hyper-connected economy is more than ever. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are a lot of coaching and sales training options out there on the internet today.

There is no shortage of social selling seminars, webinars, books, blogs, podcasts, and mentorship courses. However, our digital sales experts bring unique experiences and skills to the table. Craig Wasilchak has built and sold B2B sales organizations. Our marketing team has sold millions of dollars of products and services online. We have also helped train thousands of sales professionals around the globe how to win with social media marketing.

At Crushing B2B, we are passionate about helping sales professionals bypass common mistakes and pitfalls. We work hard to help other sales professionals succeed by teaching them how to create relationships with qualified buyers.

Our mission is to help you start Crushing B2B sales and growing revenue.

Corporate sales training

We provide individual and corporate sales training to enable sales teams to create more conversations with buyers through social media marketing. Our 14-Step Crushing B2B Digital Strategy System helps streamline the social media marketing process. The corporate sales training we offer will also help your sales and marketing teams work better together. Our process requires and helps the sales and marketing teams to be on the same page.  We teach the skills your team needs to engage buyers, grow your network, build your brand, and create lead generation funnels.

Our LinkedIn Profile Makeovers will help you appeal more to buyers and provide a clear call-to-action for those in need of your product or service. We also create LinkedIn profiles with the search engine in mind to help you become even more visible. The Crushing B2B approach works equally well for both small and large businesses alike.

Our corporate sales training and marketing makeovers include:

  • LinkedIn Profile Makeovers – Our LinkedIn marketing experts will transform your profile into a marketing tool that generates leads. Profiles are written with both the search engines and buyers in mind to create maximum lead generation. We provide LinkedIn Profile Makeover services for individuals and teams.
  • Website Review – Our digital marketing team will review your website to ensure it’s ready to generate leads for your business. We have social media marketing and SEO experts on staff ready to optimize your digital media for success.
  • Content – We collaborate with your internal marketing teams to create content that provides values and builds your brand. Our team can help with content creation for social media or your website.
  • Digital Sales Training & Success Coaching – Our digital marketing and sales coaching teams provide on-going support. We are here to help you with questions and situations as they arise.
  • Selling with LinkedIn – We teach sales professionals how to find, engage and connect with qualified buyers on LinkedIn. Our team also teaches how to build social media fans that help grow your brand. Our Crushing B2B network is very strong on LinkedIn so the help we provide with engagement is off the charts.
  • Selling with Video – Selling with video is also more important than ever with the modern buyer. We teach sales and marketing teams on how to create videos that create a positive reaction and generate leads.

Why Crushing B2B?

Our team has major real-world experience with it comes to B2B sales and marketing. We also share a passion for helping sales and marketing teams improve their results with the modern buyer. Here’s why you should work with Crushing B2BB:

We are the only digital sales training and marketing company that effectively combines social media marketing, sales training, SEO, and more into one budget-friendly service. The service we provide will help your sales and marketing teams do better on social media as well as the major search engines. We will also help your sales team move buyers along the sales process to closing.

Contact us if you want to start Crushing B2B sales or learn more about how we can help you with your search engine and social media marketing. Share your B2B sales thoughts, questions, and tips with us in our Crushing B2B LinkedIn group.

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