10,000 Foot View of Crushing B2B Digital Marketing Strategies

Crushing B2B (CB2B) provides B2B lead generation training and support through planned strategic interaction on LinkedIn and other supporting digital platforms.   B2B Implementers guide you and your team through the Crushing B2B System, built on the DMAIC process, used in both the 6-Step CB2B FasTrack Group Training and the 14-Step CB2B Enterprise Coaching Systems. The CB2B 14-Step Enterprise Coaching System works best with a C-Suite Executive and an internal team member, who will spearhead the lead generation and engagement efforts. 

Join the BIG LEAGUES with the CB2B FasTrack Group Coaching System

For Entrepreneurs with sales under $2.5M per year, or High-Level Executive Branding Candidates, we recommend the CB2B FasTrack Group Training.  When a client requires more specialized or confidential fine-tuning of their Digital Strategy, then we are happy to provide a hybrid of our CB2B FasTrack Group Training, which allows that client to have direct contact with their Implementer on an as-needed basis for extra offline Q&A sessions.

Check out the Fast Track Group Coaching System for smaller businesses with annual sales of $500,000 – $2,500,000.

CB2B: 1st to Apply the Lean 6 Sigma DMAIC to Social Media Marketing

CB2B helps you define your lead generation goals, as well as other key criteria you need to improve.  As experts, we measure and analyze different areas of your company to equip you and/or your teams to implement profit-boosting systems. 

Our Unique Value Proposition is our process in how we apply the DMAIC approach to Social Media.  This process enables us to capitalize on and beat the LinkedIn algorithm to drive traffic, branding, and lead generation. Specifically, utilizing the 6-Step FasTrack Coaching Training and the 14-step Enterprise Coaching System

DMAIC is an acronym for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

  1. Define your current lead generation process.
  2. Measure your current performance.
  3. Analyze your issues and root causes on performance analytics.
  4. Improve & implement your new actions – proof of concept.
  5. Control and monitor your trends. Focus on maintaining performance.

Top-Notch Implementation Baked Right into the CB2B FasTrack Group Coaching System

6-Step FasTrack Group Coaching System:

The Implementer uses the CB2B Proprietary Cloud-Based Program to work with you when implementing the CB2B FasTrack Group Coaching System.  This cloud-based system gives both you and your Implementer full accountability and visibility into the status of all homework and implementation progress.  

What You Get from the 90-Day CB2B FasTrack Group Coaching System:

How Quickly are You & Your Company Becoming Irrelevant in the LinkedIn Digital War?

Click HERE to take our 20-Question LinkedIn B2B Quiz. It’s only 10-minutes in length and wickedly on point in finding out how well you’re crushing LinkedIn. If you’re brave enough, you can share your results on social media at the end of the quiz.

What’s the best part? It’s not the bragging rights of nailing the test to the wall, though that will be the best part for a select few.

You get a FREE workbook at the end of the Quiz to sharpen your skills on your own before you step into our 6-Step CB2B FasTrack Group Training.

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