LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking social media platform. Yet, it’s the platform that most professionals are struggling to stand out on.

Most professionals are still under the impression that LinkedIn is used for job hunting. Therefore, they build their LinkedIn profiles as resumes – showcasing only their work experiences and why they make the perfect candidate to recruit.

However, recent years have proved that there’s more to LinkedIn than recruitment. According to a research done by Forrester, 68% of B2B buyers say that they prefer to do independent research online than learn directly from a salesperson.

Putting the right words on your LinkedIn profile can help you get found by your target buyers. Plus, you should set up your profile as a resource for them. It should show how you can help address the pain points of your business avatars. Ultimately, it should display your credibility, thought-leadership, and value to instigate a connection request or better, a digital sales conversation.

CB2B offers LinkedIn Profile Makeovers for individuals and teams of 15+.

Your LinkedIn profile tells people about your business and your brand

Nearly a quarter of all product and professional services are bought through LinkedIn. With so many people buying directly from the platform makes it very important to have a strong profile. Your LinkedIn profile decides your business avatars first impression of who you are and the business you provide.

Every day, your buyers are searching on this professional platform to validate the person or business they consider to do business with. Your business avatars are searching for the people who can solve their business problems right now! Which is why you should be doing more than just using LinkedIn as a place to post your job history. Your customers’ priority is learning about what you can do for their business.

Through our LinkedIn Profile Makeover, we will more than just your professional side. Success on LinkedIn doesn’t just come to those who position their products or services the best on their profile and search engines.

You also have to give them a personal reason to like you and your brand. After all, It is all about building customer trust. Therefore, we help people mix business with pleasure in a way that also produces definite results. Placing engaging content on your profile is not the only thing we do. We also strategically place call-to-actions (CTA) to generate leads from your profile.

    What we will show your business avatars on LinkedIn:

       ✅ Who your business helps

       ✅ How you your business helps

       ✅ Understanding of their business problems and pain points

       ✅ Your experience of helping other clients

       ✅ How you can help their business become more profitable


Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile

The benefits of having a great LinkedIn profile:

     ? Be found by your buyer

     ? Build your personal brand

     ? Give people a call-to-action (CTA)

     ? Show your business avatar how you can help them

     ? Provide examples of your expertise

     ? List recommendations from past or current customers   

     ? Building customer trust

     ? Drive engagement on your other social platforms and website

     ? Create a serious lead generation portal

     ? Develop a personal relationship with your business avatars

Our CB2B LinkedIn Profile Makeovers will help you show your business avatars what you and your company are all about. We will also help you build a strong personal brand that displays credibility and thought-leadership.

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What is linkedin seo?

LinkedIn success, like most other social media platforms, has a lot to do with search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is important on LinkedIn due to the way buyers are searching for who can help them with their business pain points.

With our LinkedIn Profile Makeovers, we will help you get more of your target B2B buyers to look at your profile due to how we plan every single word. We put a lot of thought into how to present you and the services your offer to your business avatars. However, we also put a lot more effort into the SEO side of things more than anyone else. 

The right use of keywords, hashtags, and images are just the icing in the cake. Our team of SEO experts understand how the LinkedIn algorithms work so you receive even more visibility on the platform. It’s important to tell your story, but it’s even more pivotal that the right audience will see it.

We make sure to fill out every section available on your LinkedIn profile with relevant information, riveting copy, and significant insights. We know how to build your skills list, maximize your about me section, and make your title attractive in order to produce results.

Increasing your lead generation on LinkedIn starts by improving and optimizing your profile. Let us help you do that.