I’ve built a relationship with Craig on and away from LinkedIn. Craig has the unique viewpoint of owning numerous businesses prior to his Crushing B2B work. This ownership experience allows Craig to see solutions that others often miss. Craig truly understands how businesses need to communicate and build relationships to capture the B2B market. The 14-step digital strategy for Crushing B2B sales is effective and has provided significant returns for my company and for others I know. Craig loves to help people and is a consummate professional. Outside of his business he commits significant time helping entrepreneurs. I would highly recommend talking to Craig if you have a B2B business and want to grow.

Damon Pistulka / linkedin

Craig has a phenomenal business mind. I have been blessed to get to know Craig very well over the past couple years and he’s one of my favorite people to chat with on the phone. Craig understands business and how to move the needle. His advice, his example, his results are hard to beat. High energy, strategic thinking and professional demeanor are all things I respect and why I’m writing this recommendation for Craig. You need a business partner you can trust? You want to work with someone who knows how to get things done? Are you looking for a person with a ton of real-world experience? Craig has all that in spades. He’s a leader, he’s my friend and I recommend him 100%

Ira Bowman / linkedin

Great videocast interviewer and strategic post-interview marketer of the video content!

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky / linkedin

You will have to look long and hard to find a better combination of BIG HEART and WICKED SMARTS than Craig Wasilchak. I’ve known, worked with and respected Craig for six or seven years. If you have the chance to work with Craig, I’d take it!

Don Williams / linkedin

I can’t say enough about Craig to let you know how much he means to me. He is one of the kindest and most honest people that you could ever meet. Craig has done more for me both professionally and personally than I could ever fully explain. He is creative, sincere, driven, and so much more. I trust Craig with my life. He is someone that I would literally do anything for. In a world where there are so many people out to take advantage of others, a person like Craig stands out like a pink shark flying through the sky. He is a daily breath of fresh air, inspiration, and kindness for me. I highly recommend anyone struggling in taking their next step with their business to contact Craig and check out his B2B sales process. His website ( has a ton of free information that anyone can use to improve their digital marketing results.

Michael (Mike) O'Connor SPN / linkedin

In life, as in business, there are a ton of posers. People that say one thing, but the reality…and the results…say another. On the flip side, you have the real deal: leaders that practice what they preach, share their wisdom, and help others achieve success. I’ve seen it first hand. Craig Wasilchak is the real deal. Craig steers his business–and as far as I can tell, his life–by a simple, powerful mantra: we ALL rise. I have watched Craig build a strong following on social media by following his own system…and if that wasn’t enough, I’ve been the beneficiary of his wisdom, which has a direct impact on my business to this day. I recommend Crushing B2B Digital Strategies and Craig Wasilchak unequivocally based on Craig’s integrity, business acumen, and straight up results. With Craig, we ALL rise!

Zach Messler / linkedin

Helping someone through the complex world of social media is a daunting task. We are one third of the way through the journey and Craig has contributed so much already. I can’t wait to complete the next well planned steps.

David Lester / linkedin

I have been engaging in Craig’s entrepreneurial content and knowledge base for sometime, it is evident that his years of excellent business experience shine in the B2B marketing arena. I highly recommend Craig to other business owners. Scotty Schindler

Scotty Schindler / linkedin

Craig is one of the best here on LinkedIn as he is always adding value and insight to the discussion whatever it may be. If you follow him you will know his content is well thought out and intelligent. His enthusiasm and dedication to helping us ‘all rise up’ is inspiring and for that reason I recommend Craig.

Mark Weathers / linkedin

Craig’s insight and influence as visionary and entrepreneur has been a significant influence on my professional journey and my company. An excellent and passionate presenter, Craig has the unique ability to connect genuinely with an audience ready to learn and grow. I recommend that anyone interested in expanding their skill sets and improving their professional results tap into what Craig has to offer.

Mark Borge / linkedin

I worked for Craig for 4 years. He gave me my 1st real office job. He was an amazing mentor and taught me so much about business. He was very patient in helping develop my skills into the potential he saw in me. What I learned from him has helped me move to management within other organizations and lead others. If you ever get the opportunity to work for him I say take it!

Sara Wendland / linkedin

Craig is one of the most knowledgeable consultants that we have ever met. His assistance and recommendations have been implemented and are paying off handsomely. We consider him a great friend and rely on his expertise.

Richard Cameron / linkedin

I have worked with Craig to build a productive business partnership. Craig has represented the interests of several independent offices, as well as his own, that have entered a partnership relationship to be one of the primary sales channels for my company’s products. Craig has always carried himself with the utmost integrity while striving to ensure that all sides saw an added value from the partnership.

Justin Cramer / linkedin

I have known and worked with Craig since 2002. Craig has an innate ability in any given situation to think outside the box, and form a complete and detailed plan to carry out the project. Craig’s ability to simultaneously handle multiple lease negotiations, building projects, including projects over $1,000,000, and keep the project on time and under budget has been invaluable. He has been an excellent coach to not only myself, but to all employees at JW Management. He always has a smile on his face and makes all employees, customers and vendors feel they can approach him about anything. Craig has been a pleasure to work with and for.

Krisi Miller / linkedin

I have worked with Craig since 1999. When I met Craig, we were both owners of local mailing equipment dealers (him in Dallas and me in Kansas City). He was a great mentor to me when I started in the business. We worked together on a number of industry related projects and he consistently demonstrated outstanding industry knowledge, high ethical standards, and professional conduct in a variety of settings. He served on the Board of Directors of our industry association for a number of years and provided outstanding leadership in that role. Craig is a very dedicated to his business, his customers and his employees.

Rick Chambers / linkedin